Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Delayed Post: Shirts for Boyfriend!

This last summer and every summer for the past seven years or so, Kerry and I have visited each other.  This last summer in 2010 I got crafty and made him some shirts!  All shirts were given an inscription with fabric markers on the back-bottom-right of the shirt <3.

One I made as a Mario shirt.  Unfortunately in my first attempt I used up all the white matte paint stuff (that sticky kind of raised paint that the use on things like PE clothes or other school lettering), so I got to make a Dark Mario version.  I spread the paint as evenly and bestestly as I could.

Another I modeled after a black ink splat iron-on decal we found at the craft store:

We found a tiny but cute cat iron on patch that got a whole blue shirt all to itself!

Finally, I got some letters and an iron-on crab I thought was adorable.  In case you're not up on the World of Warcraft Blue Posters, Ghostcrawler was a very prominant Blizzard employee poster who fielded questions by the masses on the WoW forums.  Since making this shirt I think he quit or changed jobs (?) but I thought the shirt was an awesome idea anyway.

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