Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Delayed Post: Goomba Amigurumi (Nerdigurumi)

My last delayed art post that I have pictures of currently.

A while ago I made a Goomba using the pattern on Nerdigurumi (also the banner at the bottom of my blog here).  It is FULL of catnip.  Stuffed.  I even bought a huge tub of the stuff to make sure I had enough to stuff the goomba with.

After getting some advice from MJ on how the felt and embroidery got destroyed by kitty attacks, I left them off completely and focused on making the toy as robust as possible.  I forget the colors I used, but all of the yarns were 100% cotton from brands on Nerdigurumi's higher rated yarn reviews.

Here are pictures I took of the goomba and of my cats (Sonic, the tabby, and Shadow, the black) enjoying their new toy for the first time~

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