Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Do I Always Drop the Ball on These Things?!

So, lots of updates since I last posted!

I never tried making a pattern before the heartless amigurumi, and I'm finding it a very challenging first step!  I am going through it now to make sure all I've done so far makes sense in terms of creating it.  Once I'm done, I'll post it!

I have sooo many projects I've been waiting to post on because I've been hung up on that pattern =X.  Expect project-dump when I finally sit down to post them all!

In other news, I have been wrapped up in a senior game design sequence at my school, a year-long project where you make a game with a team of 6-8 people.  I proposed an idea of a crochet simulator that will introduce the class to what it feels like to create and crochet (no one does...), and it got accepted!  A tool that I hope will come out of this project is the ability to create patterns in a kind of level editor and have the program print out the pattern for that design.  I'm so excited!

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  1. Ah man, it's been a while since you last posted> D: